[SPORTS] – Texas in the Big 10?

Orangebloods floats a possible scenario of Texas going to the Big 10. As part of that scenario, Texas would keep its Longhorn Network and not participate in the Big 10 Network. Maybe there is some discussion going on about that, but that notion of how things would be done should be sending alarm bells off that it wouldn’t work.

Imagine if they started with that arrangement. Well, how long do you think it would be before Ohio State started to think that maybe things would be better for them if they had a Buckeye Network and didn’t have to share everything in the Big 10 Network? Penn State? Or how about Michigan? How do you think Michigan State might feel about a Wolverine Network? Just change Michigan State to Texas A&M and Wolverine to Longhorn, and you’ll have your answer. To admit Texas by allowing them to keep their Longhorn Network and not participate in the Big 10 Network is to sign the death warrant of the Big 10 Network – and Big 10 unity. Any conference that admits Texas without forcing Texas to accept full and equal partnership is just sowing the same seeds of disunity and discontent that have led to the Big 12 teetering on the brink.

Once again, it sure seems like what Texas wants is all of the benefits of independence without any of the headaches of independence.


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