Quote of the Day

“I honestly think she’s just making it up,” said Carrie Severino, a former Thomas clerk and chief counsel of the Judicial Crisis Network, an advocacy group. “I think she’s built her career on that story. She is using that and using him as a way of boosting her own career, and that’s really shameful.”

She’s talking about Anita Hill. (Do read the whole story.) The level of self-delusion in Ms. Severino’s statement is astonishing. One is tempted to rebut the statement, but what’s the point – she obviously isn’t interested in the facts. Oh, and just calling the Judicial Crisis Network an “advocacy group” is a bit incomplete. They’re a right-wing group fighting partisan battles over the Courts in a long-standing effort by the right to pack the courts with nutcases (they’ve done pretty well). Including this person in the story says a lot about how hard it was for the New York Times to find someone that would speak ill of Ms. Hill on the record.